metalvision plus


Metalvision is proactive in continually seaking out the best softwares
available for assimilation into our layout process for the best possible

We have equipped our layout staff with an effective "tool belt" of 3D and 2D
CAD/CAM and solid modeling softwares enabling them to instantly share
files with our customers.

With these tools we are able to view customer engineering files
generated from AutoCAD, ProE, SolidWorks, Inventor, Unigraphics, and
other packages having common file formats including IGES and DXF.

In seconds we are equipped with enough information from a customer's
file to begin the layout process. Ultimatly the generation of code for CNC
machinery is quicker, which is a benefit to our customers and their fast
turn needs.

With file sharing technology, communication is more accurate and clearer,
and project initiation is faster.